Coffee House Poetry – Sea theme evening

Well, that was an epic series of readings last night at the Troubadour, a big crowd even by the standards of Coffee House Poetry – and over 50 readers with quite a diverse take on the sea. Many read their own poems, a few read favourite published poems. I read “Sea Watching” by RS Thomas  – well worth a read if you don’t know it, if for no other reason than the enjambment, which does so much.

It was hard to write down folk’s names and poems with so many reading however. Ron Villaneuva read  “You Will Drown For Poems” (for Dennis Kim) which had a chant and an emotional intensity. I think Katherine Maris read some George Seferis from “The King of Asini”. Echoes for this time. I’m not sure if this was the translation, but here’s the one on the Poetry Foundation site:

Anyhow, great to see such a big poetry crowd and hear so many poems.



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